Special lecture series of the RTG

The study programme is the foundation of the RTG. It will provide the doctoral researchers with the necessary knowledge to begin and pursue their own quest in the field of ultrafast nanoscopy.

Lecture titleLecturer
Light-matter interaction on the nanoscaleLupton, Schäfer, Huber
Coherence and correlations in many-body dynamicsWilhelm, Evers
Coupling electron and nuclear dynamics: effective models and microscopic approachesRichter
Dynamics of interacting systems far from equilibrium: formalisms and simulationsGrifoni, Evers
Excitations in condensed matter: from theory to real materialsWilhelm
Ultrafast cryo-electron microscopySchäfer, Ziegler
Ultrafast photonics – from femto- to attosecondsHuber, Schäfer, Gierz
Single-molecule fluorescence techniquesLupton
DNA origami – bio-inspired templates for physics experimentsGrohmann
Ultrafast scanning probe techniquesRepp, Giessibl, Huber
Bio2PhysicsGrohmann, Ziegler
To be determinedGuest professors